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Panda Gold

This is an demo example panda-app, it's a generator for panda gold, recording found coins in panda's infrastructure.

A Panda Gold (coin) is defined as a string of 'ISODATE/' that when SHA256 hashed and the bytes interpreted as ascii contains the letter 'panda' in order, i.e. matches /p.*a.*n.*d.*a/i . The gold by itself have no intrinsic value but is an demo example implementation of proof of work.


Here we generate 5 candidates (press return inside field to run!)

Then we need to match them to see if any contains the letter 'panda' in sequence, this is rather improbable, thus it need to run for much more than 5 times, so here we just find 'pa' sequence, if there is any result it contains a 'p' and later an 'a'. (press return inside field to run!)

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status - gold generated by all online since you started this mining session

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