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BETA: Panda is a new programming language by, read links above (or why in panda.pdf).
try it out...

Things to try, either type the grey text in the input field and run it, or just click on the code! (click again to close the popup with the result)

  • 'Hello World!'
  • plus(3, 4)
  • flexible syntax
  • iterate by operate on generated values
  • 1..10
  • see what you get!
  • 1..30
  • and for introduction to this language try the /tutorial
  • see what /help can do for you
  • what functions are there? /help fun
  • exampel function documentation /help fun iota
  • and Math related functions /help Math
  • string functions /help string
  • multiplication table example 1..3=>a '*' 1..3=>b '=' times(a,b) nl
  • run regression tests: html(WHERE(f=func()) f.helpfun ' ' WHERE(t=f.test) t.description WHERE( '-' r.htmlState r.exception nl)

hints /command /namedCommand